Installing and configuring the MobileTogether App Server

MobileTogether Server is the processing powerhouse for your native iOS, Android, Windows, and browser-based apps. It is the back-end hub for your solutions and acts as a gateway between end-users and your back-end data sources and infrastructure.

The high-performance MobileTogether Server powers the back-end server logic you define for your app, providing connectivity to back-end data sources, lightning fast data processing, performance-boosting caching options, and robust security options for your enterprise and app store apps.

Learn how to install the MobileTogether App Back-End Server and Altova LicenseServer, and then configure your MobileTogether Server to power your apps. This tutorial focuses on installing your MobileTogether Server behind a corporate firewall.

This next tutorial walks you through configuring your MobileTogether Server on your network. It covers the required ports needed to accept connection to MobileTogether from both inside and outside your network, as well as the ports used by Altova LicenseServer.