A life-changing software called “Lose It!”

It is not often that I would give a piece of software the attribute “life-changing”. Certainly, XMLSpy and it’s huge success has changed my life and that of many people at Altova. And others have called DiffDog a life-saver before:

"DiffDog saved my life! Recordare developed MusicXML as an Internet-friendly format for publishing and sharing digital sheet music. As MusicXML became more popular, we needed a truly XML-aware differencing program to evaluate the XML files created by our Dolet plug-ins. DiffDog gives us the high quality regression testing tool that we had long sought for our MusicXML projects."
- Michael Good, CEO, Recordare

But the software I discovered on January 1st this year is the one that best deserves this label. Like so many other years before, my New Year’s resolution this year was to finally lose some weight. And most every year that resolution didn’t last very long. In fact, over the past 17 years I had managed to gain just a few lbs every year – but those added up and ultimately got me from 200 lbs to about 291 lbs in over a decade. Not good.

But this year it was different. This year I discovered Lose It! – a nifty little iPhone app plus website – and started on a real weight-loss program (in combination with a consultation with my doctor). What Lose It! does is deceivingly simple: it helps you track your calories – both those taken in as food and those expended in the form of exercise.

But it doesn’t restrict you in your choices of what foods you can eat. Due to the tracking you quickly learn what is good for you and what isn’t, so you end up making healthy food choices automatically.

And over time your actual habits start changing. For example, when I now know that I have a big dinner with friends ahead of me, I always make sure to exercise right after work and build up a calorie-deficit going into the dinner. And the fact that you are counting calories with the iPhone app right at the dinner table helps you learn portion control and get back to eating in moderation.

As a result of that, Lose It! has enabled me to lose 25.2 lbs in the past 9 weeks. That’s just a little over 2.5 lbs per week, so it is a very healthy rate of weight-loss.


I still have a long way ahead of me and only time will tell if I can reach my goal on time. But I already feel a lot better and have a lot more energy. And it feels truly empowering and liberating to finally see those extra pounds disappear.

This post may sound like a commercial for the latest weight-loss fad, but it isn’t. In fact, I have no financial interest in the company behind Lose It! or their products. And the iPhone app is free. The only reason for me to blog about this is to (a) give a tip of the hat to the people who created Lose It! and (b) hopefully help a few other people get started on their way to a healthier weight.