XBRL Chart Wizard

Now that XBRL has been mandated by the SEC for a while, we have a large collection of financial data publicly available and it is of great interest to both individual savvy investors and institutions to analyze that data. StyleVision has already been great for taking existing XBRL data and turning it into human-readable reports and more specifically extracting some data sets that are not immediately visible in the high-gloss annual reports that companies normally provide.

But the new v2011 of StyleVision takes XBRL analysis to a whole new level! Adding to its XBRL rendering capabilities, StyleVision now allows users to generate charts in their XBRL reports using a comprehensive wizard. This is an enormous benefit to those working with XBRL and can reveal trends that otherwise would remain hidden.

Charts are created by simply dragging a financial statement or other parent node to the design pane and choosing Create XBRL Chart to start the XBRL Chart Wizard.

xbrl chart wizard

Users can customize the data rendered in their charts by selecting the desired category or series values (Concept and Period are default) in the properties dialogs. The screenshot below shows the Concept Properties dialog, where users can select the XBRL concepts they wish to render in their charts.

xbrl charts

The Period Properties dialog gives options on how to handle XBRL periods, which convey the relevant instant or intervals of time for XBRL reporting.

xbrl charts

As with the charting feature mentioned above, chart styles and properties can be controlled using the All settings button in the Chart Wizards and/or by using the StyleVision entry helper windows, where users can select chart type, background color, fonts, alignment, etc.

The example below shows XBRL data presented in tabular form and the same data presented as a chart in HTML. The same data can also be instantly rendered in RTF, PDF, or Word 2007+ simply by clicking on the relevant output preview button.

xbrl charts

The XBRL Chart Wizard is just one of the many new features in the Altova MissionKit 2011 that we released last week. Make sure that you download your 30-day free trial to see for yourself how much more powerful the MissionKit 2011 is.