Expanded source control system support

Now, XMLSpy has always had its built-in support for revision control systems, including Microsoft Visual Source-Safe and - via the Source-Safe API - a few drivers for other 3rd party source control systems, such as Jalindi Igloo for CVS. But with version 2009 we've gone far beyond that. Based on customer feedback, we've completely reworked the source control system interface in XMLSpy and also added the same level of source control support to UModel, our UML modeling tool, allowing both products to intelligently integrate with all major Software Configuration Management (SCM) tools.

By implementing the new interface in compliance with Microsoft Source Code Control Interface (MSSCCI) v1.1 – v1.3, we've now provided support for all of the following major revision code control systems and many more:

   • Collabnet Subversion 1.5.4
   • CVS
   • Microsoft SourceSafe 2005
   • Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2008
   • Perforce P4S 2008.1
   • IBM Rational ClearCase 7.0.1 (LT)
   • Borland StarTeam 2008 R2
   • SourceGear Vault, Fortress, SourceOffSite
   • Seapine Surround SCM 2008.1.2
   • Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere
   • ComponentSoftware CS-RCS (PRO) 5.1

For the full list of revision control systems and drivers that we've tested, please see our website.

In addition, DiffDog can be used as the ideal visual differencing tool in any of the revision control systems that allow for the configuration of an external diff utility.