HTML5, large-scale ETL, Java API, JDBC, MDA, and web differencing

It is always a very exciting time of the year here at Altova when we reveal our latest major software version, and I am pleased to announce our MissionKit 2012 release today!

As always, we've packed a ton of exciting new features into this release and they span the entire product line.

So here it is in a nutshell - the cool "stuff" that is now available in version 2012:

Major enhancements for web developers

HTML5 is quite obviously the way to go and we now have full HTML5 support in both XMLSpy and StyleVision. In fact, XMLSpy's intelligent editing support and entry helpers make for super-fast web development in both HTML4 and HTML5 with support for previews in multiple different browsers. In addition, the CSS editor in XMLSpy now fully supports CSS3 in addition to CSS2, and we've added CSS3 support to StyleVision as well.

Another major feature for web developers is now available in DiffDog: Web Differencing! You will love the ability to do file differencing as well as directory comparisons between local directories and server directories accessed via FTP or HTTP. You can even do differencing between two servers! This takes a lot of pain out of deployments or keeping servers in sync, as well as helping greatly with moving to the cloud!

Support for large-scale ETL

ETL ("Extract-Transform-Load") projects as well as larger and more complicated data transformations and mappings are now a breeze with the new streaming support in MapForce. In addition to the existing streaming output capabilities, MapForce 2012 adds new streaming input capabilities that lets you process XML, CSV, and FLF text files as well as database rows with no limitation on size.

Major improvements to Java support

We've always supported Java application development, but the integration APIs for XMLSpy, MapForce, and other products got a major overhaul this time around with an all-new extended Java API that makes using our products from within Java applications a breeze, and there are now cool new code samples available to demonstrate the use of the new APIs.

In addition, we've added JDBC driver support to all our products that integrate with databases. This complements the existing ADO and ODBC drivers support nicely and provides for better performance and more integration options with some database servers.

Support for MDA

If you work with UML you are going to love the new UModel. We now support platform independent models that can be described without concern for the details of any specific programming language. This lets software architects focus exclusively on the logic of the subject domain rather than worry about the characteristics of any particular programming language.

Through the new Model Transformation selection in UModel you can then instantly transform into any supported language, such as Java, C#, Visual Basic, databases or XML Schema.

You can even apply Model Transformations to a project that has been reverse-engineered from existing source code. For example an existing Java application can be reverse-engineered by UModel to create a UML model and then transformed to generate C# classes. Imagine that!

But these are just the highlights - there are many more new features in this release! For more in-depth information, check out the Altova Blog as well as the What's New page on our website. And all of it is available immediately for downloading from our website.