Office Open XML (OOXML) Update: Country comments tabulated & rated

Rick Jellife today posted a great table of comments and likely outcomes of the upcoming 3rd round of ISO stantards voting on OOXML next spring based on reviewing each country's comments on the current DIS 29500 (= OOXML) proposal:

"I’ve just glanced over the 3549 or so comments put in by various national bodies for the recent ballot on DIS 29500. I’ve made a table listing the countries that commented, together with their votes and whether I think their issues could be resolved during the upcoming Ballot Resolution Meeting next year."
(see "Your country's comments rated!" for full article and table)

After looking through Rick's table, my previous conclusion remains unchanged: most comments can be addressed easily - and will even make the standard better - and I expect OOXML to become an ISO standard next year.