Sunday, April 12, 2009

Boat Launch 2009

The New England boating season has now officially begun. We've launched Electric Armadillo this week, and she's ready for action:

Calvin, Fenway, and I went to Beverly Port Marina today to compile a punch list of things that we still need to get done or buy, and the list came out to be remarkably short this year: purchase a new air horn, the bell needs to be remounted, and the head needs some repair. And we need to put some more bleach into the fresh water tank to kill the stuff that caused it to smell at the end of the last season.

Here are some more photos...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Red Sox Opening Day 2009

Opening Day 2009 - originally scheduled for Monday this week and postponed to Tuesday, April 7, due to the rain - was a great way to start the baseball season. The celebrations were quite spectacular with Senator Ted Kennedy throwing the opening pitch and with a fly-over by F-15s from the Air National Guard right after the National Anthem:

Click to open HD View Panorama

Dustin Pedroia, the 2008 MVP, was second at bat and got the game off to a good start with a home run. And it was great to see a home run by Jason Varitek, too. Josh Beckett came out firing and kept the Rays to two hits and one run in 7 innings.

The Red Sox won 5-3 against Tampa Bay. Only 161 more games to go this season...