Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fenway: our new puppy

Let me introduce you to Fenway, our newest family member:


He's a male Portuguese Water Dog, presently 8 weeks old, and the cutest puppy in the world. We got him from Reel Life yesterday and he was part of this litter.

Fenway is a very curious dog and loves to explore his new surroundings:


But he still has to get used to being on a leash and loves to bite it playfully:


When we are inside, he loves to cuddle up in our dining/family room - because that's where lots of people are:


More photos are here and I will continue to update that gallery. But I haven't taken out the big camera yet, so these are all iPhone (and not even 3G) pictures...

In case you are wondering about the name: my wife came up with the idea, and we all immediately loved it.


Min said...

He's so precious! Congrats on your new pup. That leash- and playful-biting can continue, btw, they're a "mouthy" breed.

Nancy said...

He is adorable. I will be getting a Portie puppy from a breeder in Marblehead in two weeks. Is Jacky your pups sire? I think my neighbor and a friend at work has Fenway's two siblings. They got them from Chris at Reel Life and I think they were born in July.
I board dogs in my home and have many Porties visit. They are wonderful dogs. I have not had a puppy in a long time so any helpful info would be appreciated. I have had Norwich Terriers,Standard Poodles and Irish Setters.
Good luck with Fenway,

XML Aficionado said...

yes, the sire is BISS Am CH Watermark Toby's Black Jack and the dam is Am CH Reel Life's Golda My Heir. We got Fenway from the May litter from Chris at Reel Life and she was giving the puppies to their new owners in July, so you are definitely right about Fenway's siblings. It would be fun to connect with them - do you have their contact info?
Regarding tips for Portuguese Water Dog puppies: they are super smart, and that translates to being very mouthy and exploring everything and needing a lot of attention. They will figure out things very quickly and are fast learners. We went to a great puppy school with him. It's in Malden, so it's a bit of a haul, but they are so excellent that it is definitely worth the driving. It's called Canine University.
Good luck with your new puppy.