Friday, December 7, 2007

Best Christmas Present Ever

The holiday season is upon us and today we did a little Christmas (and Hanukkah) celebration in the office. I got the Best Christmas Present Ever from the entire staff here at Altova, Inc.:

Fenway Park Bleacher Seats

These are authentic Fenway Park Bleacher Seats, removed in November 2007, and they come complete with certificate of authenticity, holographic authentication stickers, and - most important of all - some chewing gum still stuck on the bottom.

As part of their renovation program for Fenway Park, the Red Sox did apparently sell the old seats to fans, and the gang here at Altova managed to pull off the impossible and get me a pair.


For the time being I am keeping them in my office - until the new house is ready in a few years - and we've rearranged the furniture to make them part of the seating area. That way they will actually be used for our weekly team meetings and are also available for visitors.

If you want to know how happy I am about these seats, just look at the grin on my face in this picture to the left.

Thank you guys! You've really made my day!!


Tara said...

From one Fenway fanatic to're very welcome!

Now you can enjoy the spirit of Fenway year round!

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Where is the beer and popcorn?

Merry Christmas!!!

Cristina said...

They could not have gone to a more deserving person [& devoted Red Sox fan!!] Can I call a seat for the next Manager meeting? I will kindly bring peanuts and beer ; ) I think we will have to do rock, paper, scissors every Wednesday!

Merry Christmas!