Saturday, October 27, 2007

Where in the world...

... was the XML Aficionado, when he took this photo today:

Where in the world?

It is indeed a grim place, and it is no secret that this is somewhere in Vienna, Austria (since that is quite obviously where I've spent this week - as can be seen in recent blog postings). But the question is: where in Vienna, and what place is this? I'll provide just one hint: DiffDog would have loved that place.

Be the first one to comment on this XML Aficionado blog with the correct answer, and you'll win one single-user license of Altova DiffDog 2008, the essential differencing and merging utility for developers.

Disclaimer: all blog comments subject to review; prize cannot be exchanged for cash; void where prohibited; winner responsible for all taxes and dues; employees of Altova GmbH and Altova Inc as well as Falk family members are eligible to participate, since the location of the above photo is only known to me personally and I was alone when taking that photo; batteries not included; no animal was harmed in the taking of the above photo; if you are reading this, then you (a) are probably a lawyer and/or (b) don't need any glasses...


chris said...

I think this may be the Imperial Crypt.

Hope you are enjoying your vacation!


A.Falk said...

Exellent! Yes, it is indeed the "Kapuzinergruft" or "Kaisergruft" (imperial crypt) under the Kapuziner Kirche in Vienna's 1st district.

Congratulations: you win one license for DiffDog. Let me know your e-mail address in a separate comment (which I will not publish) and I'll send it to you right away.